Jutlandic e-shop
 Motifs inspired by Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales
has become classics.
by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist
 Even though Denmark is a little country, it consists of three culturally very different provinces.
You might know Elsinore from Shakespeare's Hamlet and Copenhagen with the Little Mermaid,
that is Zealand. In Funen the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense City.
The third part of Denmark is Jutland. That is where the Jutlanders live.
I am born in the very middle of Jutland in Brande City, renowned for its gable paintings ("puls" is my creation).
My parents and my grandparents and their ancestors were Jutlanders.
So this is a Jutlandic e-shop.
In a Jutlandic e-shop things are kept simple.
Web Site Signed posters - 200 special prints of 8 Hans Christian Andersen motifs.
Web Site Signed posters - 300 special prints of 4 Circus motifs. 
Web Site Signed posters - Miscellaneous motifs. 
Web Site Posters with printed signature. 
Web Site Double Postcards - Hans Christian Andersen and Circus motifs
Web Site Double Postcards - Miscellaneous motifs. 
Web Site Double Postcards - 12 different floral motifs - silk-screen print, sold in lots only.
Web Site Silk-screen prints numbered and signed.
 The Circus motifs 
are classics too.
Americans love
the floral motifs
Web Site Any questions? You are very welcome to ask any question as well as any suggestion to  
this Jutlandic e-shop is very welcome.
    I can deliver the art works as long as I have them in stock.
Tell me which art works you want and how many lots in an
e-mail to me.
Remember to write the exact address of delivery.
I will send the art works to you as soon as possible.
Enclosed will be an invoice, which you will pay when you have received the art works and
you have assured that everything is OK.
 That's the Jutlandic way.
Sincerely yours,
Asbjorn Lonvig, artist
43 Fejringhusvej
8722 Hedensted, Denmark
Tel. +45 7589 0477