Fundraising and other non-profit activities
My fundraising and other non-profit activities have the goal to help people all over the world who's circumstances of life are not so optimistic.

Example I:

St. Mary Hospice
The words " live until you die" lead to the key words discreet joy. A decoration based on the key words discreet joy calls for the use of bright (cheerful) colors, which I used on the stairs and in the corridors.
In the rooms discreet floral motifs from the Danish flora have been chosen on the basis of the lily.
Each individual room is thus identified by a flower and not a number or letter. One of these flowers is the violet.
There are a total of 12 different floral motifs.
The motifs are printed in screen printing, each motif in 200 copies, which I have numbered and signed. The motifs have also been printed on post cards.
The screen prints and post cards are sold for the benefit of the hospice concept.

Example II:
Red Cross
Donation of a logo motif of The Great Belt Bridge for the opening.

Example III
Amnesty International
Donation of a motif of a Church for Christmas stamps.

Example IV:
Y's Men's Club
Donation of a motif of a City Hall for Christmas stamps.

Example V:
"Bridging the World Foundation"
It is a quite new activity, I have had a very positive response from co-founders.
Now I wait for response from my accountant concerning technicalities and from PBS concerning payment on the net.
But it is about founding an organization to promote mutual understanding among people world wide.
It is under construction, but you may see my site to sponsors and ambassadors.

Example VI:
Red Cross Refugee Center Randers
In January 2002 I will be a Visiting Teacher in a project called "Stories, from ear to eye" where I will inspire refugees to create a huge sculpture and make an exhibition of this sculpture. Then they are artists, not refugees. At the same time I will interview these new artists about their lives, print these stories and put them inside the sculpture. The stories will be presented in an e-book on my web site and preferably on Red Cross' web site too.
My idea is to make a huge sculpture in simple shapes and bright colors, an optimistic sculpture and put  the refugees' bad memories inside the sculpture. Not to forget their past, it can not be forgotten, bud to make a emblem in their minds, which will pop up before or at the same time as the bad memories. The e-book will be illustrated by a lot of pictures of the genesis of the sculpture. The sculpture will be built of water proof materials in order to be exhibited outdoor later.
I know these are high ambitions, but that is what art is for.
A part of the project is of course to communicate this vision to the Danish Society - that is why we make the exhibition. Jørgen Poulsen, Red Cross Denmark or Bertel Haarder, Minister of Refugees etc. will be asked to open the exhibition.

See my drafts of the sculpture



Wood plates  244 cm x 122 cm x 1,5 cm  x 3  per box x 12 boxes
Wood laths 1,22 m lath x 8 each box  12 boxes
Painting (1,22 m x 1,22 m)  x 6 surfaces x 12 boxes x  (twice)
Glue, screws etc.

See e-book about the project from start to final exhibition.