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A very tall sculpture towers at an exit between Vejle and Horsens.
The sculpture, which consists of 2 parts, forms completely different silhouettes depending on which angle you see it from.
The genesis was long and hard.
I made drawings.
I took photographs. Computer images were created.
I marked on a map.

I made models.
I raised tall poles on the site with different colored flags.
I drove up and down the motorway countless time looking at the expected silhouette of the sculpture from all conceivable angles with and without binoculars.
If you come from the south on the motorway, you will see 2 parts of the sculpture bend towards each other and overlap until you pass and the sculpture opens up.

If you come from the north, the 2 sculpture parts will bend away from each other and the sculpture will be completely open long before you pass it. Some people say it resembles a cactus.
This is due to a combination of the bend of the motorway, the angle of the exit in relation to the motorway and the 2 sculpture parts' location in relation to each other with a distance of 17 metres on either side of the exit, to which is added that the two parts were designed with a heavy opposite bevel at the bottom.
When designing the sculpture, no consideration was made of whether the construction was feasible.
Because of the height and special design of the sculpture, the engineers went through very complicated calculations in order to arrive at the right construction and dimension.
The major problem was dynamic wind impacts which result in natural oscillations at low wind speeds. As probably the only sculpture in the world, costly oscillation stabilizers, which are otherwise only used for building, for example, tall chimneys, have been built into the top of the two parts.

Is it being seen?
40.000 people pass and see the sculpture every day!

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