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TOOL-TOYThe hall stand has been designed in co-operation with the furniture enterprise PREFORM which makes richly colored furniture for children.
All parent couples have the ambition that their children must clean up after themselves.
A means is a hall stand for the jacket and school bag.
After having designed the hall stand, I attended a design day at LEGO where the Canadian designer Alexander Manu presented his book on ToolToys.
I discovered that the hall stand was a ToolToy:
In addition to having a practical purpose, the hall stand also contains an element of play.
The hall stand, which is just over one metre tall, is made of steel pipes and die-cut metal within the framework of PREFORM's production technology.
I have previosly used the clown's head, which is a piece of graphic design work, on posters and post cards which have been published worldwide.
A post card from Denver makes you very happy.
In particular when the motif on the post card is of your own design.

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