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Asbjorn Lonvig launches 5 simultaneous exhibitions on the Internet
and he is thereby ready for the cultural revolution
that broad band technology will accomplice

Anybody who would like to see what I create in my studio, gallery and private home "Lille Fejringhus"  are very welcome to visit me.
It is situated in Hedensted in Denmark, at the end of the road Fejringhusvej. It is number 43.
Northern Europe's most beautiful artist's home.

In these times of globalization, in these times of advanced technology, it is a good idea to use the internet.
It is mostly used to porn and dubious business, but many tries to use it seriously.
I try to use it seriously.
And people living in Hedensted, can expect a cultural revolution because of implementation of broad band technology in the near future.
Color pictures takes a lot of storage space and takes a long time to transport via the internet.
When I made my first internet site 3 to 4 years ago I was as a former IT specialist very aware that color pictures were as small as possible.

4 new exhibitions on the internet and redesign of my web site is based on quite the opposite principals.
What I have designed to the internet lately works with large color pictures. This would have been banned without the broad band technology.
You have to be ready for quick changes................

I have as mentioned earlier made 4 simultaneous exhibitions on the internet.

"These Days" the first one is called. "These Days" exhibits what I am doing right now.
It is very different projects. Motifs inspired by businesses, a poster to a museum, sculptures to cities, 14 busses in my style, a logo to attorneys, a clock for a square, a decoration to a company, a price to a business, a poster to Hans Christian Andersen Festival Plays in 2002 etc.
"These Days" is too an exhibition of some fundraising and non-profit projects. A friend in Chicago wrote to me some days after the 11th September 2001 and asked be if I as an artist could make "...something optimistic and uplifting, something to dispel the sorrow...". I have thought a lot about it, and I have made the logo to a new project "Bridging the World Foundation". "Bridging the World Foundation" has the goal to promote mutual understanding among people world wide by launching spectacular projects with that theme.
To a Red Cross' Refugee Center I shall make a huge sculpture in cooperation with a group of refugees. At the same time I will interview the refugees in order to let them tell their personal story. These stories are collected to an e-book and they are exhibited inside the sculpture, which is made out of painted boxes.
I look forward to this project, which takes place in January 2001.
Now and then I need to work with something, that benefits those whose life circumstances are not so positive.
This is the ultimate inspiration for me.

"Happy Days" is the name of exhibition number 2. I had the inspiration from a job I had for the company Elmer Print A/S in Vejle. They asked me to paint 4 paintings in the odd size 200 x 70 cm.
The paintings turned out very well and I made a hole series of paintings using straight lines and bright colors and nothing but that.
In the "Happy Days" exhibition there are 3 very large paintings of the size 204 x 288 cm inspired obviously by the Danish painter Richard Mortensen. He has made huge paintings exhibited at the art museum Trapholt in Kolding.

"Sad Days" is an exhibition of paintings not similar my usual style.
"damn it" are 4 paintings made at the same time on a huge easel. Light blue painting and then red painting has been thrown temperamentally on a dark blue background. A temperament that I do have, but I have never before expressed it artistically.
You can see from the paintings, that I have not been happy at all during the creation of these paintings.
The best - or is it the worst? - painting I have ever made is  "ups and downs". This painting tells a very special story. A drama suitable for an academy award winning Hollywood production?
The title "Sad Days" comes from american friends' description of the days after the 11th September 2001.
The two paintings "a siberian the winter" and "a finish pine the winter" were named by a nice lady, that visited "Lille Fejringhus". It was her spontaneous reaction, I did not ask her, and that is what the paintings have been called since.

"American Days" is the fourth exhibition. Paintings inspired by my travels in USA and Canada.
I am most fond of the painting "The American Indian". It is inspired by a carving in a wooden bench in the park of Banff Spring Hotel, one of Canada's most famous hotels. "Manhattan" was made before September 11th. That is why one of the towers of The World Trade Center can be seen on the painting. The Motif from San Diego recalls very special memories. A split second of happiness. I was in Sea World with a view of The Pacific Ocean,  the weather was wonderful, nearly no wind at all, I was together with my wife and three sons waiting for a show with humans, dolphins and killer wales.
"", the world's largest gateway to art.
This is the fifth exhibition. On 5th January 2002 a committee appointed 215 artist form all over the world to be "premiere portfolio". I was one of them. I see it as a great honor, my address is

As a writer I have joyned as a free lance writer etc.
My address is

At first sight they are high. But they are based on selling the rights world wide for a given motif.

Now, you can choose what you like best. You can come to "Lille Fejringhus" and see my artworks and designs "live" or you can see the exhibitions on the internet.
The one thing does not exclude the other.

Sincerely yours,

Asbjorn Lonvig, artist

PS: You cannot sell art just by putting it on the internet. You still have to contact your prospects personally. Either myself or a representative from a Royal Danish Diplomatic Mission. Through cooperation with Consulate Generals and Embassies in Chicago, New York, Milano and Tokyo I have learned how useful such a cooperation can be.
By combining my artworks and designs with the internet and the world wide network of Royal Danish Diplomatic Missions I can achieve that the artwork or design I create in the morning in my studio in "Lille Fejringhus" can be shown to a buyer in the afternoon in Buenos Aires or Dublin.